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If you have an abnormal growth on your skin, you may need to have it removed for medical or cosmetic reasons. At her practice in New York City, board-certified dermatologist Desiree Ratner, MD, performs expert skin lesion removal procedures. Call her office in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood to schedule an appointment today to learn more about the skin lesion removal options Dr. Ratner offers.

Skin Lesion Removal Q & A

What is skin lesion removal?

Skin lesion removal is a surgical procedure to remove an abnormal growth from your skin. Skin lesion removal is usually an outpatient procedure performed with a local anesthetic.

What are the different skin lesion removal techniques?

Dr. Ratner uses a variety of different excision techniques to remove skin lesions, depending on the location and size of the abnormality on your skin.

Shave excision

Shave excision removes lesions that rise above the surface of your skin. Dr. Ratner uses a scalpel blade to remove the topmost layers of the skin. You won’t need stitches, but Dr. Ratner will apply a dressing to stop any bleeding.

Simple scissor

If you have a growth that rises above the surface of your skin, Dr. Ratner may use surgical scissors to cut away the growth. In most cases, you won’t need stitches after the lesion is removed.

Skin excision

When your skin lesion reaches the deeper layers of your skin, Dr. Ratner uses a scalpel to cut away the growth and a thin perimeter of healthy skin tissue. Skin excisions can be deep, reaching the fatty tissue under your skin if necessary. Dr. Ratner typically closes the incision site with stitches.


Curettage is a method where your skin growth is removed with a scooping technique. In some cases, Dr. Ratner may use a device that has an electrical current that seals the wound as the growth is cut away.


Cryotherapy removes abnormal skin growths by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. The cells are destroyed and a small blister develops, eventually peeling away to reveal healthy skin cells. Dr. Ratner often uses this technique on warts and actinic keratoses.

Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is a delicate and precise technique where Dr. Ratner removes abnormal growths one layer at a time and examines them under a microscope, looking for any abnormal cells in the sample. Dr. Ratner uses this technique to avoid removing too much healthy tissue from places where you want to prevent scarring or a deep incision.

Why would I need to have a skin lesion removed?

Dr. Ratner recommends skin lesion removal to get rid of cancerous or precancerous growths on your skin. You might also elect to have a mole, wart, or other skin growth removed for cosmetic purposes.

Dr. Ratner offers expert skin removal procedures and compassionate care. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn about your skin lesion removal options.